Transparency and Accountability
New Jersey’s share of federal Recovery Act dollars will be distributed and spent by its government, but the money belongs to the taxpayers of New Jersey.

With that in mind, New Jersey’s taxpayers deserve the ability to see for themselves exactly how their money is being spent. Beyond that, they deserve a clear, accurate and timely explanation of how Recovery Act funds will produce positive results in the effort to restore New Jersey’s economy.

That is why this website was created – so that New Jersey taxpayers can take part in monitoring the distribution and spending of federal stimulus dollars. All New Jerseyans can agree that transparency and accountability must serve as the cornerstone concepts in ensuring that New Jersey’s share of Recovery Act funds are used in the most effective manner possible.

The New Jersey Recovery Accountability Task Force was created to review every step of the process and ensure that recovery funds are awarded based on clear and appropriate criteria and then distributed in a prompt, fair and reasonable manner.

Task Force meetings are held at the Statehouse. The Task Force is co-chaired by Deborah Gramiccioni, Deputy Chief of Staff and Cabinet Liaison and Matthew Boxer, State Comptroller.