State Energy Program
Program Criteria: How Funds will be Allocated in New Jersey
Total Stimulus Appropriation: $3.1 billion
New Jersey’s Portion: $73,643,000
Allocation Method: NJ receives its share based on federal formula

Program Overview
The State Energy Program (SEP) is intended to promote energy conservation, lower energy demand, and reduce our dependence on imported oil.

New Jersey is planning to use its share of funding for various programs that address the goals of the SEP outlined above.  The proposed programs support energy efficiency efforts for businesses, individuals and state government, renewable energy projects, and grants to support innovative “green” technologies in the state.  For a more detailed description of these programs, please see the Program Criteria linked above.
Federal Requirements and Restrictions
To qualify for the funds, the State has provided the U.S. Department of Energy (USDOE) with certification that it has adopted policies that encourage energy efficiency through its utilities and its building codes.
Program Eligibility
  1. SEP must be used to promote energy conservation, to reduce the rate of growth of energy demand, and to reduce dependence on imported oil. This can include energy efficiency and renewable energy projects.

  2. Project Prioritization: New Jersey is awaiting further guidance from the U.S. Department of Energy regarding this aspect of the stimulus funding.
Important Program Dates
May 12: New Jersey submitted its application to USDOE outlining its intended use of the funds.